Mission and Vision


It is our Mission to blend the strong cultural fundamentals of the Gurukul heritage and other traditional systems with advanced modern learning tools, thus providing a new direction in world of education.

It is our mission to ensure that in a safe, tranquil, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment,all students shall have ample opportunity to:

Getting to learn habit of curiosity, reflection, mental flexibility, independence and self-discipline.

Understandingand implement to fulfill their academic, cultural, sports needs with the achievement of optimum academic result.

Requiredskills and attitude which will fit them for life in the rapidly changing world of a new millennium.

Knowledgeof relation between education and spiritual life and how it to be helpfull in our life and face as well as solve those problems with this kind of culture.

Learningof modern technology and what is the relation to traditional technology for understanding real world and practical life not theoretical life and giving the right path toward new modern educational world.


Shree Satsang Shiksha Parishad, the trust was established with the following Vision.

To endeavor for high embelishment of SATSANG and Indian Culture, as well as to run Prayer Temples,Ashrams and Gurukul.

To run Ayurvedic hospitals and to do all works of social service to Materialized the priciples of welfare of all beings " Sarvjiv Hitavah " the tenet of Lord Shree Swaminarayan.

To establish, run and manage all types of educational institutions, schools, higher secondary schools, and colleges imparting all types of education starting from primary to post graduate level.